Junior MMA


Our Junior MMA program (age 5 to 15) combines learning martial arts and learning important life skills. There is a large focus on developing our kids discipline, confidence and leadership skills.

During Juniors MMA training we cover the fundamental techniques used in MMA such as takedowns, submissions and defence. We also cover throughly the striking aspect of MMA such as punches, kicks and knees.

We work alongside the newly formed Amateur Association of Mixed Martial Arts to provide safety, structure, development & a network of sustainable interaction between the Mixed Martial Arts community across East Anglia and beyond.

For the Juniors showing the skillset and discipline there is also progression to join the Kingdom Fight Team and compete on shows all around the country and even Europe.

We are very proud of the badge grading system we have in place which at each level juniors have to demonstrate competence and skills as per the requirements for each of the 9 grades.

Equipment Needed : Gumshield | Boxing Gloves | Shinguards | Team T Shirt | Shorts