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Pushing you to the next Level

Here at AJ's Gym of course we offer private Personal Training. We are extremely busy daily, often with non stop back to back sessions all day helping people work towards whatever it is they are aiming for.

Our personal training here is different. We don't just stick you on a machine and go through the motions. We treat every individual as a professional athlete with a purpose and we will push you accordingly.

We believe that you get what you pay for and also bear in mind you will be training privately in a private facility using the carefully selected top of the range equipment. Each session is 45 minutes because we go hard or go home no messing about. You pay to achieve and i don't like to fail.

Pricing wise we operate on a peak and off peak system which consists of the following;

Anything outside of the hours of 10am and 4pm Monday to Friday to us is considered by us to be Peak Time, and results in a slightly higher session cost.

Our pricing for options for both our pay per session and block booking monthly session packs (cost effective) for both peak and off peak times are as follows;

Single Session (PAYG)
- Peak Time Single Session (PAYG) - £35
- Off Peak Time Single Session (PAYG) - £30

4 Session Pack (Based on 1 session per week)
- Peak Time 4 Session Pack - £120
- Off Peak Time 4 Session Pack - £100

8 Session Pack (Based on 2 sessions per week)
- Peak Time 4 Session Pack - £240
- Off Peak Time 8 Session Pack - £200

We do have some clients that come in 3, 4 and 5 times per week and these are priced upon initial enquiry.

To start your personal training journey or have any questions please email aj@ajs-gym.com

Instagram @ajpt_peterborough

*Please note once sessions are booked for in advance you must use your sessions. No refunds once payment has been made*

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